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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dave Chappelle: Airline Rascists

Airline Rascists

A very funny video from the Chappelle Show. Ad-Free!!! From Google Videos.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Family Guy: Stewie vs. 50 Cent

Stewie vs. 50 Cent

I love Family Guy so I decided to tell you about this video first. It's too bad that it has an advertisement at the bottom though... However, it's a great video, very funny. In fact it's on my iPod right now. Enjoy.

What if I have a video that's not in the correct format for iPod?

Well, you'll have to convert it. Here's how:

1. Download Videora iPod Converter. This is a great piece of software and I highly recommend it. I've had no problems.

2. Install Videora and run it. On the left hand side you should see 'Convert'. Click that.
3. Now click transcode new video. Find the video (make sure it's not .mp4, .mov, or H264 - those work!) Note: File formats that will need to be converted...avi, divx, etc.
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4. On the right hand side of the Videora screen you should see a box called 'New Transcoding'. You can now enter a title for the new iPod-ready video and choose a profile. I find that encoding the video with the default works good or even 'MPEG-4/Downloaded Video'.
Note: Videora iPod converter makes a COPY of the file you want to convert. The COPY is the one that will work on the iPod.
Side note: Just to make things clear, if you have a widescreen video...choose the first profile in the drop-down menu. For everything else the default or 'MPEG-4/Downloaded Video' profiles should work fine.
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5. Now you need to choose where to put the copy. Click 'Setup' and under the 'Settings' tab there should be an option to change the 'Output Videos to' destination. Click 'Browse' and choose a place where you want the transcoded video to go.
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6. Now go back to 'Convert' and click 'Start' on the right side of the window.
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7. Wait for the file to transcode, then find the file and add it to the iTunes library. From there you can put it on your iPod. If you don't know how to add videos into iTunes and from there onto iPod...read my tutorial on how to get .mp4 and H264 encoded files onto iPod.

REMINDER: There will probably be some slight 'pixelation' because of the encoding profile you transcoded the video with. Either live with it, or re-transcode the file with a profile that has a greater number of 'kbps'. However, this will increase the video's size on your iPod.

That was easy, wasn't it? I promise you, if you follow these steps you'll be able to encode any video file and enjoy any video on your computer onto your iPod. It's really not so complicated...I just wanted to cover ALL the bases.

I got the videos on my computer! Now what?

All right, now you're ready to enjoy videos on your cool video iPod. Follow these steps:

1. Locate the video on your computer.

2. Make sure it is in a format that the iPod can handle.
The formats are: .mp4 (files from Google Video and iTunes), .mov, and H264 (I have never used this format).
Note: .mov files are files that are Quicktime movie files ...you can't play them in iPod–you have to convert them (I'll get to that later).
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
3. If it's an mp4 or H264 file just open it in iTunes (this puts the file into your iTunes library automatically) or import it into iTunes. To import, go to iTunes, go to File, and then go to import. Browse for the file, and import it.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
4. If it's a .mov file import it into iTunes using the above steps. Then you must convert it for use in the iPod. This is easy, just right click the video (in iTunes)and go to the selection 'convert selection for iPod. It'll create a duplicate, but in .mp4 format...perfect for iPod!
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5. Okay, so now you have the videos that you want to put into your iPod in the right format and in your iTunes library. Putting them onto your iPod is very easy. If you decided to automatically update your iPod, just plug in your iPod...the videos will transfer automatically. If you chose to manually update. Just drag and drop your videos onto the picture of the iPod. Easy!

Note: If your video isn't in the format of .mp4, .mov, or H264, you will have to convert the file using Videora Ipod Converter. I will write a tutorial on this too.

Questions? Concerns? Please comment! I want to help you.

I just got an iPod and I want videos!

You do? That's good. Here's how:

1. Go to iTunes. This is probably the easiest way. Don't fret though, you can get awesome videos for free! How? It's easy, from the music store go to the podcasts section on the left side. In the podcasts section there should be a link to the video podcasts section. Click it then browse to your hearts content. Found something? Click the 'subscribe' button to quickly and easily download all the podcasts in that section or you can go to the bottom and download each podcast individually.

2. Go to Google Videos. This is a GREAT site. Why? Because for every FREE video (some you have to pay for) there is a link on the right side of the page that allows you to download the video in the iPod Video format: .mp4. It's so easy even a monkey could do it. For example, try searching for Family Guy, you'll see that you can find some funny skits.

3. You didn't hear it from me, but, there's an extension for Firefox that allows you to download videos off YouTube (tons of videos there). This isn't illegal (I’m pretty sure it's not), but discretion is advised. If you do want to download videos off YouTube here is a tutorial. Note: I don't do this.

4. Read this blog! I will post links to great videos daily, so I promise you'll find something you like.


Hello! Let me give you a quick introduction so you know a little more about me and why I decided to create this blog.

The reason I decided to create this blog was because I felt that people shouldn't have to search everywhere for information on what videos you can put on the new iPod or even how to put videos onto the iPod. I'm here to help you, becuase I know that sometimes it can get confusing.