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Saturday, July 01, 2006

What if I have a video that's not in the correct format for iPod?

Well, you'll have to convert it. Here's how:

1. Download Videora iPod Converter. This is a great piece of software and I highly recommend it. I've had no problems.

2. Install Videora and run it. On the left hand side you should see 'Convert'. Click that.
3. Now click transcode new video. Find the video (make sure it's not .mp4, .mov, or H264 - those work!) Note: File formats that will need to be converted...avi, divx, etc.
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4. On the right hand side of the Videora screen you should see a box called 'New Transcoding'. You can now enter a title for the new iPod-ready video and choose a profile. I find that encoding the video with the default works good or even 'MPEG-4/Downloaded Video'.
Note: Videora iPod converter makes a COPY of the file you want to convert. The COPY is the one that will work on the iPod.
Side note: Just to make things clear, if you have a widescreen video...choose the first profile in the drop-down menu. For everything else the default or 'MPEG-4/Downloaded Video' profiles should work fine.
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5. Now you need to choose where to put the copy. Click 'Setup' and under the 'Settings' tab there should be an option to change the 'Output Videos to' destination. Click 'Browse' and choose a place where you want the transcoded video to go.
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6. Now go back to 'Convert' and click 'Start' on the right side of the window.
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7. Wait for the file to transcode, then find the file and add it to the iTunes library. From there you can put it on your iPod. If you don't know how to add videos into iTunes and from there onto iPod...read my tutorial on how to get .mp4 and H264 encoded files onto iPod.

REMINDER: There will probably be some slight 'pixelation' because of the encoding profile you transcoded the video with. Either live with it, or re-transcode the file with a profile that has a greater number of 'kbps'. However, this will increase the video's size on your iPod.

That was easy, wasn't it? I promise you, if you follow these steps you'll be able to encode any video file and enjoy any video on your computer onto your iPod. It's really not so complicated...I just wanted to cover ALL the bases.


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